2017 Distance Challenge
Sunday February 5, 2017

Join us for the annual distance challenge!
Ski and/or snowshoe as much as you can between 8 AM and 6 PM. 

This event is one of our signature fundraising events. 
All proceeds go to the volunteer-run Marathon Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Club. 
Fill out your pledge form to register for the event!

Ski - Soup - Ski and Snowshoe - Soup - Snowshoe Loppet!
Sunday February 26, 2017

It's our second year of this annual event! A really “SOUPERB” three part event involving moving on snow, sitting down for a bowl of soup and moving on snow again.
Meet and register at the Club Chalet SUNDAY JANUARY 22nd between 10:00am and 10:50am with a start time of 11:00am. In each event the participants will start on mass over the short course distance and then come in to the chalet for a bowl of soup and a warm up until 12:50 when you will all line up on mass again and complete the same course, but backwards.
*Note, this is a potluck event! We'd love it if you could bring your delicious soup to share!*
You are timed for both directions and prizes are awarded based upon the difference in your two finish times. Awards will be presented at 2:00pm and afterward you may even have the energy to stick around for more outdoor fun or indoor snacks. Proceeds from the event support the expenses of the club and support the continued development our local sport. Adults $10 School aged children $5.