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MCCSSC Enters 37 Years of Operation

Exterior of the new MCCSSC chalet

Established in 1985, the Marathon Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Club (MCCSSC) is an independent, non-profit, volunteer run organization nestled in Northern Ontario and the boreal forest. The MCCSSC has 15km of groomed ski trails that people can skate and classic ski on, which includes 5km of lit trails. There are also 5km of snowshoe trails. Our volunteer groomers Lloyd, Kyle, Paul, Tim and George put in a lot of hours getting the ski trails ready for use and maintaining the trails throughout the winter. The MCCSSC trails are world class trails with varying levels of difficulty. Snowshoe members are welcome to use the lit trails at night by staying on the far right of the groomed trails and snowshoeing in single file.

Cross country skiing, also called Nordic skiing, is felt to be one of the best forms of physical activity and is also very safe. Studies show that skiing improves long term psychological wellness and lowers rates of depression. Cross country skiers are 40% fitter than other endurance athletes and skiers live longer. Snowshoeing has the benefits of being outside in nature which also is known to improve mental health. The MCCSSC offers seasonal ski and snowshoe memberships that can be purchased online through our website at!

The MCCSSC has multiple volunteer opportunities available without out club such as trail maintenance, grooming, chalet volunteering, executive member, and many other positions. If you are interested in volunteering with the MCCSSC, visit our website at

Do you have any questions or would like some more information? Feel free to contact us via email at!

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